The Weekly Climate #6: Sep 14-20 2020

Listen now | Welcome to this weeks edition of The Weekly Climate! 🎉 Degrowth and Decouple (September 20, 2020) — There are two main strategies to solving the climate crisis: Degrowth or Decouple. These strategies will define and build our future. Degrowth is the strategy of “no”: As in “no, you cannot fly”, “no, you cannot eat meat” and so on. Where Decouple is the strategy of “yes but”: “Yes you can fly, but it has to be in an a green hydrogen powered airplane” and “Yes you can eat meat, but it has to be synthetic or raised using alternative cow feed”. Both strategies are valid, but are in the public debate about these things extremely tribalistic. Stop me if you’ve heard this exchange before: “Person 1: We can only stop climate change if we stop our economic growth”. Person 2: “You’re a communist”. Person 1: “You’re a techno-optimist!” and on goes the name-calling.

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