The Weekly Climate #5: Sep 7-13 2020

Listen now (23 min) | Welcome to this weeks edition of The Weekly Climate! 🎉 Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser The Visitors (September 13, 2020) — Captains log, time 24572. Arrived at safe distance 0.16AU from the planet 2389AX.C, the third planet from the star 2389AX. We confirm that the planet is located within the goldilocks zone and orbits at a distance of approximately 1 AU from its star. The planet itself looks to be covered largely (~70%) by water, but with large swaths of land. We have confirmed the Chief Scientist’s suspicion that the planet is housing extraterrestrials of some intelligence. Monitoring equipment made out of metal were discovered outside the planet’s atmosphere and we saw signs of what looks like telescopes being pointed directly

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