The Weekly Climate #2: Aug 17-23 2020

Listen now | Welcome to this weeks edition of The Weekly Climate! 🎉 First off, I want to extend my thanks to the great reception that the newsletter has received so far. Thank you for subscribing and reading it! 🙏 Secondly, the U.S. is taking a severe beating these days. Two hurricanes entering the Gulf, more than 500 wildfires burning in California alone along with heatwaves triggering blackouts, a COVID situation that appear totally out of control and a president (and the fossil fuel industry for that matter) that appears to be taking pages out of Hitlers playbook (the news about what’s happening with the postal service is so scary). My thoughts and prayers goes to the people in the U.S. these days. Although COVID is probably not climate change related, just about everything else about the U.S. misery is. What’s happening in the U.S. right now appear to be a dress rehearsal for the entire world.

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