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Hey there,

I like keeping up with who’s doing what about the climate crises, so I thought, “What can I do, personally?”

So I decided to write a song, a “call to action” to address the crisis.

I’m old, but after reading something in Bill McKibben’s “The Crucial Years” newsletter on SubStack, about how our kids are pissed off by promises and inaction, I took a couple of my old friends into the studio and recorded “We Were Thieves.” I entered it into NPR’s “Tiny Desk Contest,” and included subtitles.

It’s rock and roll from a 3-piece who’s ages total 212 years, but we wanted to do our bit. I’m hoping you will share the following link with your subscribers:


Thanks, and keep up the fight!

Charles Williams

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Very cool thank you for sharing!

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Hey Michael, I started my page, finally, then had to reload the sound on the music because it was distorted...I'll work out all the kinks on my next "song of the week." I would love to hear your music, but I get how busy you are...keep up the fine writing!

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