[Nov 30-Dec 6’20] 7 Grand Challenges

Listen now | Welcome to this weeks edition of The Weekly Climate 🎉 References: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5],[6]. As I’m returning to the news focussed format I decided to do a small restructuring of the way I present the content. Before the newsletter was centered around the topics: Climate & Science, Technology, Startups, Investing, Major Carbon Emitters, Policy, Climate Justice, Books, Other and Podcasts. But I figured that these topics are somewhat arbitrary. The original idea was that people could then sort what interest them. However, the categories ended up becoming very mixed. And way too often I was in a dilemma of where to put things. For instance an article about a technology which the fossil fuel industry uses to destroy a country in South America. Where does that one go?

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