[Jan 4-10’21] 9 years

Listen now | Welcome to this weeks edition of The Weekly Climate 🎉 References: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6]. When writing this newsletter, one thing that continuously puzzles me is that it is so much easier to find climate news about the US than any other place. I always have to spend quite some time to make sure the newsletter is balanced and that it’s not too US-focussed. Most research, case-studies, policy and innovation news I find comes from the U.S. The US seems to have all the great climate reporters: Emily Atkin, Amy Westervelt, Mary Annaïse Hegglar, and many more. There’s a few here in the EU of course like Akshat Rathi but I must admit I find it odd that it is this difficult to figure out what’s happening on the climate front in other countries than the US. The US even have the best podcasts like The Interchange, The Energy Gang, How to save a planet, A matter of degrees, Generation Green New Deal, My Climate Journey and so on. I’m not subscribing to a single EU-based podcast (if you know any let me know). If I google “climate change news europe” the first two links that pops up are EU parliament sites. What are we doing over here? I wonder whether the fact that the US is such a divided society is what creates all these extremes. Just as a lot of the climate denial seems to come from players over there, there’s then a counter reaction of really high quality reporting on the real issues. Whereas here in the EU everything is pretty calm and quiet compared to the US so there’s no extremes in both ends. We’re more “complacent” in a sense because, “oh well things are going in the right direction, isn’t it?” Could that be the case?

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