Cancellation and what would you like to know about offsets?

Hi all!

Unfortunately, we have to cancel today’s interview as one of the speakers is ill and we would therefore miss an important aspect of the discussion. So I’m taking this opportunity to hear from you, my dear readers, what would you like to know about offsets? How do you feel about them? Do you use them regularly? How do you select which projects to support and so on?

I’ll go first!

I have used offsets once and it was the year when I just got into studying the climate crisis and I was on vacation in Tenerife and felt really bad about it. I used a carbon calculator to calculate the approximate tonnage of CO2 my share of the flight was. I also convinced the rest of my family who was there to do it. I don’t remember which tree planting NGO I used, but it was one of the big ones.

I also use to “offset my life by 2x”.

My big issue though is that I don’t really believe using offsets to allow myself to pollute is an acceptable solution. So I don’t really see the Wren support as offsets, but more as a way to support an interesting project. I really like the way Wren reports on the projects and you get sort of feeling that you’re helping.

How about you? Have you used offsets? What do you think of offsets as a solution? Any question you would like me to ask our interviewees.