THE BRIEF [Sep 27-Oct 3’21]

22 US species extinct, the fossils sidelined at COP26, deep dive on CCS and the dirty car industry fighting policies.

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‼️News you can’t miss

Here’s one important scary/bad (🙀), good (😻), interesting (😼) and fossil (💩) news item. 

🙀 21 species of animals and 1 plant declared extinct in the US in a new report citing climate change as primary driver.

😻 Fossil fuel companies are being sidelined at this years UN Climate Conference and are not allowed to sponsor it.

😼 A deep dive on carbon removal and storage and especially the storage aspect.

💩 The more “fossillized” parts of the car industry appear to be fighting policies that seek to regulate things such as air pollution. 

This weeks highlights

[#heavyindustry] — This is a great summary article of what’s being done to decarbonize in the big heavy industry parts of this category: Steel, cement and ammonia (fertilizer). Together these 3 industries makes up 20% of global CO2eq emissions. It concludes that it appears that technology is still a fair bit behind what is required.

[#COP26] — Here’s a great one that I regretably missed last week but discovered through Heated this week and it’s the big news that oil and gas companies can no longer sponsor the UN Climate Conferences until they produce credible emission reduction plans! Haha! This is great. Not only does an official government entity hereby call BS on fossil fuel industry emission reduction plans, but they also limit the how lobbyists can affect the outcome of the conference (albeit, this is a hope..). On the other hand. One would think this should have happened many years ago.

[#hypocrisy] — You know all of Apple’s, Amazon’s, Alphabet’s, Microsoft’s and Disney’s lofty climate promises? It seems weird then that they would lobby heavily against Biden’s new climate plan then wouldn’t it?

[#methane] — The EU and US launched a major plan last week for dealing with methane emissions called: The Global Methane Pledge, which is supposedly is an ambitious plan to slash methane emissions. The problem though is that the plan leaves out details on how to enforce these emission cuts from the largest producer of methane: Agriculture. 🤨

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