THE BRIEF [Oct 18-24’21]

#totalknew, fossil gas plants are losing money, 10 activists on the wrong side of the law and big oil's climate plans are worthless (according to scientists)

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Here’s one important scary/bad (🙀), good (😻), interesting (😼) and fossil (💩) news item. 

🙀 Apparently, #totalknew as well

😻 33% of all fossil gas power plants in the US are making losses.

😼 Interview with 10 activists who got on the wrong side of the law to fight for our planet.

💩 Surprise: Big oil’s climate plans are worthless.

This week’s highlights

[#plastic] — A new report has analyzed the plastic problem and concludes that plastic could be a bigger emitter than coal by the end of this decade. The report analyzes also the 10 different ways that plastic contributes to global warming.

[#russia] — This very in-depth article looks at the curious case of Russia. As recent as 2018, Putin said that climate change was due to some changes in the galaxy invisible to us and rumors surfaced that climate change was just a hoax to weaken Russia. But then a big oil spill caused by climate change and very serious wildfires seem to have turned him around. And last week, Putin proclaimed that they will stop adding CO2 to the atmosphere by 2060. Yet they’re still doing things like building a giant wind farm to power a big coal mine… So what’s really happening?

[#health] — A new report published in The Lancet sums up all the health reasons why we should solve the climate crisis. It can be summed up as: It is making us sick AF. From air pollution to diseases, climate change makes all parts of human health worse.

[#climateplans] — This item is not really too surprising but still deserves a mention. A group of researchers analyzed 53 fossil fuel companies’ climate plans. And as you know they’re touted as being “part of the solution” and “key to solving the climate crisis”. But do you also know how many are aligned with the Paris Agreement? 2.

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