THE BRIEF [Nov 14-21’21]

Plague more likely due to climate change, gas exporters cry about cancel culture, a French citizen assembly and more fossil fuel industry propaganda.

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The dust is settling after COP26 and the politicians are returning to business as usual. So now that politicians more or less decided to (once again again again) to kick the can down the road what are we left with? According to this excellent opinion piece in NYT: The hope that we’re going to get a lot more Gretas and Elon Musks. And while true to some extent, we will need the politicians as well. So some of those Elon Musks and Gretas better rethink their strategy for how to get politicians to behave. On the other hand, my ears perked when I read this article in the Grist. It’s quite rare to find articles in Grist that are hopeful, especially about policy, but this one is. It quotes IEA’s study that showed that we went from disaster path (2.8C) to danger path (1.8C) at the end of COP26 - IF judging by pledges. So yeah, if you believe in the pledges we’re heading for sub-2C. But that is one big if (especially if you believe a completely fossil fuel neutral entity such as the Climate Action Tracker, which still claims 2.7C is the real number). Finally, if you can just read one article that sums up the good and the bad of COP26, read this one. It sums it up pretty accurately in 3 graphs.

‼️News you can’t miss

Here’s one important scary/bad (🙀), good (😻), interesting (😼) and fossil (💩) news item. 

🙀 You’re more likely to get the plague (yes the black death one) due to climate change.

😻 This might not be a good news, but it’s just funny: Gas exporters play the cancel culture card.

😼 Can a French citizens’ assembly make better climate politics for France?

💩 A nice sum up of all the different propaganda that the fossil fuel industry has used over the past decades to derail climate action.

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