Change of date: Clubhouse event

We’re excited to have Betsy Middleton, Strategy and External Communications Manager at FollowThis join us!

Hi everyone! 👋

A quick and exciting development: Betsy Middleton, who’s the Strategy and External Communications Manager at FollowThis — the activist shareholder organization that played a huge role in what happened at Chevron last week (and Shell the week before that) will join our discussion of Big Fossils Bad Week.

To accommodate this great opportunity I decided to move the Clubhouse event to Thursday June 3 15:00 CET. Here are the link to the Clubhouse event (same as the one before).

For ease of reference here are the news item we will discuss (copied from this weeks newsletter) before we will open up the floor to any other important news from last week.

[#bigfossilsbadweek, #clubhouse] — The biggest news item(s) by far last week was big fossils very bad week and consequently and amazing day for all life on Earth. We will spend a bit more space than usual on these three items. Here’s what’s happened: 

Exxon: A hedgefund called Engine No 1 who owns just 0.02% of Exxon shares managed to get two very climate positive board members elected. Hopefully these two members will be able to put a lot of climate positive pressure on Exxon. 

Chevron: 61% of Chevron’s shareholders voted against the board of directors wishes and now wants Chevron to reduce their scope 3 emissions (i.e. the burning of their products) something that looks very hard to do unless they abandon fossil fuels. 

Shell: Shell lost a landmark case put forth by Dutch NGOs which forces Shell to reduce emissions by 45% over the next 9 years. 

There was a lot of news items about these. Here are a few notable ones: Grist gives an overviewNew York Times about ExxonThe Guardian on Chevron and ExxonDeSmog on Shell

🙏 Thank you so much to all the great folks at FollowThis (Chevron (& Shell last week)), Engine No 1 (Exxon) and Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Shell). You are the true heroes of the week! 

I hope very much to see you there and enjoy the rest of your day! 👋